Our company

Our company, SRM & PARTNERS specializes in Soil and Rock Mechanics testing in the laboratory and on site, offering high technology services for the Civil Engineering and Mining Engineering industry.

The technical and scientific personnel are highly qualified in the field of soil and rock mechanics testing and Geotechnical Engineering. They have over 15 years of technical experience in the execution of laboratory testing in Soil and Rock.

The laboratory is equipped with a range of apparatuses and testing systems used to determine soil and rock properties, mainly on strength and deformation but also other geotechnical properties. The equipment is privately owned and is a result of a significant investment.

The company is located in the suburbs of Athens, in offices covering a total area of 185 m2. The geotechnical testing facilities are organized in a suitable space with an area of 110 m2, while the sample selection and preparation is organized in a separate area οf 50 m2. The offices are developed in a different section covering an area of 25m2.

Our values

The following identifies the core values and general business ethics that apply to SRM & PARTNERS in the conduct of its affairs.

  • SRM & PARTNERS is committed to providing high quality testing service to customers and developing a mutually beneficial long-term customer relationship.
  • We believe that in order to ensure the continued success of our business, it is essential to maintain the confidence and trust of customers, employees and partners, with whom we collaborate.
  • We make sure that the working environment in our company is healthy and rewarding for our employees and they have the opportunity to develop their career.
  • We promote health and safety of our employees and we implement fully all the relevant legislative requirements during our operations.
  • We invest in the long-term relationship with our suppliers, as long as they continue to be competitive in quality, delivery and price.
  • We are committed to the concept of sustainable development, we try to minimise the impact on the natural environment and we value the importance of energy conservation during our operations.


The laboratory operates according to the procedures described in Ministry of Works document, FEK 1450 Β/05-06-2014, in order to ascertain the quality of the performed tests and the offered services to our Clients.  The laboratory is accredited by the Central Laboratory of Public Works (KEDE).